Now that we got your attention, please focus on what makes Helios unique on the market:

Key Differences

Working with Helios Marketing Solutions gives you instant access to detailed, up-to-the-minute market-specific knowledge, international reach, and a highly motivated workforce committed to delivering world-class performance. You’ll experience the Helios Marketing Solutions difference in the way we work with you. And you’ll value the knowledge, enthusiasm and dedication we bring to the realisation of your business goals.


We take pride in ensuring that every project Helios undertakes exceeds our client’s expectations. We make sure that your investment in Helios’ services achieves outstanding returns with the high quality business development opportunities we generate and in the associated services we offer.

A dedicated Campaign Manager

Who undertakes the activity and liaises directly with your company, daily. Our goal is to create a close relationship with our client so that they can consider our personnel as being a natural extension of their own in-house sales resource.

Who can ensure that Service Level Agreements are met and to develop our customer relationship by keeping in touch with progress and plans within your business.


We like you to consider us an extension of your own internal resource therefore we aim to make integration between our companies as seamless as possible.

We use best of breed electronic communications to deliver leads and appointments direct to your desktop.

Daily, weekly and monthly reports are included in our Project costs and we agree the format to meet your specific requirements.

Market Research Reports detailing both qualitative and quantitative results are prepared and delivered both electronically and in hard copy format at the end of a Project.

Our sales appointment setting approach

We use a solution selling approach to engage business decision makers, from IT Managers to the Directors of the Italian’s largest enterprises. Using a carefully developed unscripted methodology we uncover business pain points and match benefits to create need.

What's more, we fully appreciate that badly researched, unqualified appointments are an expensive waste of time. We use “IDENTIFICATION³” criteria to ensure that every appointment leads to a potential sale.

  • Identification of the project and its characteristics
  • Identification of the Decision Maker (Person in charge of the budget)
  • Identification of timing of the project with a maximum of six months

Every opportunity is quality checked using rigorous controls before releasing it to you. We also “close the loop”, ensuring that structured feedback on each appointment from your team is used to coach and develop our pre-sales representatives, producing ever better results.

Our sales lead nurturing approach

Research suggests that 80 percent of B2B sales occur after at least five follow ups, so nurturing leads is crucial. However, even in the best organisations, many sales leads are not followed up at all. This means that there are huge numbers of deals which are never realised, simply because there’s no formalised process of lead nurturing. Sales teams will usually focus on the quick wins but also need a pipeline of leads to be continually developed in the background. To avoid this we take as much interest in building relations with you as we do with your prospects, exploring fully every business opportunity.

We are experts in lead nurturing. With every demand generation campaign we take a prospect on a journey from first contact, through follow up calls coupled with other collateral, such as drip marketing, to the point where they are fully I³ qualified and ready to sell to.

Keep your sales team where they perform best - in front of clients, as we develop your pipeline in the background with our range of B2B lead nurturing solutions.